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Argutia is an experimental software developped by Geoffroy Aubry during his PhD. It implements the computation of arguments exchanged by two formal agents, via the paraconsistent character of X-logics. A fairly complete descrition of the underlying theoretical approach can be found in [Aubry, Risch, 2005] [bib] [pdf prelim tech report], and in [Aubry, Risch, 2006] [bib] [pdf prelim tech report].

Argutia is written in JAVA. Hence the only requirement in order to get it work is to have Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE 5.0 or higher) installed on your computer. JRE is currently avaible for the different families of Microsoft's Windows operating systems and Mac'OS (look here), as well as for any distribution of Linux (see first the packages of your distribution, or look here).

You may freely download Argutia. To install it, you will have first to decompress the .zip archive obtained from downloading . After decompression, you should get a new folder, named "Argutia", in which you will find a .jar archive named "argutia.jar". Simply check in the properties of this file (usually by a right click on it), that it is indeed opened by default with Sun's Java Runtime. Then launch Argutia by double clicking on "argutia.jar".

Please, note that Argutia by Geoffroy Aubry is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share-Alike 2.0 France License:

Geoffroy Aubry and Vincent Risch are gratefully indebted to the LSIS and to the french CNRS for their support through the JEMSTIC "Action Incitative 0693" funding process.

A (very) short tutorial is here.